Church Online

Church Online

Welcome to Church Online!!

We will be simulcasting our weekly sermons on our live platform. What does that mean? It means that you can tune it at 9:30am or 6:30pm (our regular church service times) and you will be watching the video in realtime with other people. There will be a chat window where you can interact with other views as well as some hosts volunteers that will be available should you have any prayer or other needs, and you will be able to have a private chat with them.

To join our live platform, simply click on the Watch Now button below. To join in with the chat, simply type your messeage in the chat box provided, pick your username, and away you go.

Also, we will have our latest video here for anyone who missed out on Sunday or would like to watch it again. If you would like to view any other videos, please visit our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to like us on YouTube to keep up to date, and you can also subscribe to be notified when a new video is available.

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