Daily Devotionals – Acts and Psalms

We know many people in our church family enjoyed reading through the gospels together as a church and we are set to release the second edition of our Shellharbour Community Church devotionals! This time we will be reading through Acts and Psalms. A ‘devotional’ is just that! A time to devote to God – it is a simple day to day reading and reflection experience that will help bring you closer to God on your faith journey.

Growing closer to God through a devotional is not about changing your mind – it is about changing your heart. This devotional will help you understand God’s Word better and with the simple study structure, help foster growth in your relationship with Christ.

We will be working our way though this daily devotional together as a church community. If you wish to journey with us, we will be starting on June 8th. You can keep up to date with us by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Purchase Your Own Devotional & Sponsor Someone Else’s Faith Journey

To help everyone get access to this season’s devotional, you have the option to purchase your own and sponsor as many additional devotional as you want. These additional devotionals will go into a pool, and those ‘doing it tough’ this season will have access to a sponsored devotional that we will post to them. Additionally, you are able to send a prayer in ‘your words’ to those in need. We will attach it to their journal on your behalf.

Any additional funds from the sponsored devotionals will be put into buying Bibles for FoodCare customers. FoodCare serves dozens of families in our community each week with a low cost grocery solution and we would love to be able to bless some of these families and individuals with their own Bible!

Doing it Tough?

Are you having a hard time at the moment? We know the effects of Coronavirus have been difficult for many people. We would love to provide you with a sponsored devotional. We want everyone to have access to a devotional, so if you would like one for free, click the Get My Free Copy button below and well send one to you as a gift from someone else in our church community!

Purchase is also available in store at Manna Bookstore. They are open Tuesday to Friday 9am-3:30pm. Feel free to call them on 02 4297 3549 to check availability.

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Purchase a copy for you and your family.

If you would like to help out those who are doing it tough, you can sponsor additional copies.


I’m Doing It Tough

We would like to help you out during these times.

If you are doing it tough, feel free to claim a free Devotional and we will ship it out to you.

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