What is a devotional?

A devotional can be many things; in this case it’s a Bible reading plan for Acts and Psalms. There is no set time to work through the devotional plan – it’s a simple day to day reading and reflection experience that will help bring you closer to God through your faith journey.

Getting closer to God through a devotional, is not about changing your mind – it’s about changing your heart. This devotional will bring about a better understanding of God’s word and with the simple study structure help foster growth in your relationship with Christ.

Sponsor someone’s faith journey.

To help everyone get access to this season’s devotional, you have the option to buy additional devotionals. These additional devotionals will go into a pool and those “doing it tough” this season will have access to a sponsored devotional. Additionally, you are able to send a prayer ‘your words’ to those in need. We’ll post it on your behalf.

Any additional funds from the sponsored devotionals will be put into buying new bibles for Foodcare. Foodcare currently servers about 60-70 people each week with a low cost grocery solution and we would love to be able to give a bible to those in need.